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 Refuge and resource centers, for the lost, the bound, the free, the oppressed, the educated, the broken hearted, the poor, the rich and the bruised within our local community and beyond.


Educational facilities that train men, women and children to walk in victory every moment of their lives, and fills them with the knowledge of the love of God through Christ Jesus.


Churches that go beyond the walls of their buildings making disciples, equipped and qualified with the power of God to affect Fairfield, California and the world.


We are on a mission to...

Identify teach, train, and mentor men and women in the Word of God. 

Thereby enabling them to become strong and secure individuals.


Who will...

Produce strong marriages which will...

Produce strong families, which will...

Produce a strong church, which will...

Go beyond the walls of a building to affect, effect and create strong communities.

In Fairfield, California, and the world.

State by state and Nation by nation

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