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Mission / Vision


We are on a mission to...

Identify teach, train, and mentor men and women in the Word of God. 

Thereby enabling them to become strong and secure individuals.


Who will...

Produce strong marriages which will...

Produce strong families, which will...

Produce a strong church, which will...

Go beyond the walls of a building to affect, effect and create strong communities.

In Fairfield, California, and the world.

State by state and Nation by nation


Refuge and resource centers, for the lost, the bound, the free, the oppressed, the educated, the broken hearted, the poor, the rich and the bruised within our local community and beyond.


Educational facilities that train men, women and children to walk in victory every moment of their lives, and fills them with the knowledge of the love of God through Christ Jesus.


Churches that go beyond the walls of their buildings making disciples, equipped and qualified with the power of God to affect Fairfield, California and the world.

Meet Our Pastors

Pastors Lenon and Melba Nears have been the shepherds of Word of Faith Christian Center for over ten years. They have been in the ministry for over 30 years. Our Pastors have a strong dedication to educating their flock. They love their flock just the way they are, but they love them too much to let them stay where they are.

Meet Our Pastors

Children / Youth


To guide children towards the love of God through teaching them the Word of God.

Children / Youth

Music / Arts


Our Music & Arts Ministry consists of a Praise & Worship Team, Musicians, Sound Technicians, Media/Production Engineers, Soloists, Dance Ministry, Flag Ministry and a Drama Team Ministry.  Leaders of our Music & Arts (M&A) Ministry will make an attempt to find a place for dancers, singers and creative persons of all experience levels, as long as you have a teachable spirit, possess a true heart of worship in and out of the church building, and are willing to make a firm commitment to Word of Faith Christian Center.

Music / Arts

Kingdom Men

Build authentic men for the

Kingdom of God!

Kingdom Men


Totally New & Transformed Women

Encouraging women to grow in their relationship with Christ and challenging them to be actively engaged in God's mission.

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